Posting Number Five
   You Do Not Listen To Me
My beloved child, you tell Me that you cannot love Me as you would unless you feel and experience My Love of you. Do you think that I am less aware of that then you, or that I desire your love less than you desire to give it to Me?  Why, then, is My Love not manifested to you more?   For I am omnipotent, and therefore nothing is lacking on My part to accomplish that which I so much desire.   Do you not see that it is because you do not listen to Me as I tell you that I love you?   You really do not listen to Me, and that is why you cannot hear what you so much desire to hear, and what your heart needs so much to know.
     No, you do not listen to Me.   And now I will teach you how to listen. You must understand that, being human, and limited, you can only think of one thing at a time. And I speak to you, deep within yourself, not with the sound of speech, but spiritually, so very delicately that nothing is easier than for the noise of your own thoughts and desires to drown out My Voice within you.
     Do you see, then, how necessary it is for you to be silent with Me, in order to hear the message of love which I speak in your soul? It is true you do need to be convinced, as you tell Me, that I love you. But what you do not see is how silent you must be within yourself in order to hear Me, to be convinced. But how can you be silent if you are endlessly seeking your peace, your happiness and your joy, in things outside of Me, and therefore by way of your plans, your ideas, your providence? Do you see? That is why mortification is so necessary. It is necessary, not because I need your suffering, but because you need to become detached from the things that you would want, that you would want outside of Me, in order to become absorbed only in what I want for you. And that absorption in what I want is the interior silence of your soul, in which you hear Me speaking within you, communicating My Love in a way which, inevitably, sweetly, yet forcefully, draws your whole being to My Heart. — My child, give Me, therefore this silence of your heart, and let Me speak within you, deep within you, to draw your heart into Mine.

Remember in Your Sufferings 
My child, remember always, in your sufferings, that in Me they have only one purpose, to unmask your lies and to open your soul to the Father, that together with Me you may receive everything from Him and glorify Him as I have glorified Him. There are many things to be corrected in your soul, many, many sins and offences to atone for, but everything must be ordered, ordered by love — so that above everything else I want you to know that you are loved, loved with a love of predilection, not so that you may indulge your bad habits, but, the very contrary, that in the knowledge of My Love for you, you will have the strength to hate yourself and correct your evil ways — yet always with only the one motive that you may know My Love for you more and more, and love Me more and more in the Spirit of Truth.    But to receive everything, you must have nothing of your own — that is why you must suffer, to have everything of your own taken away from you, so that you may receive everything as I receive everything.

How are we to apply St. Paul’s words here to  ourselves?
           "I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want but the very thing I hate. . .   I take delight in the law of God, in my inner self, but I see in my members another law at war with the law of my mind, taking me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members."  (Romans 7)

Speaking for souls in our Century, I see more and more how we can become disturbed by a certain power of the imagination that gets exercised over the soul, and most particularly how, in moral situations, we become disturbed when we fail to distinguish between attractions that come from sensible desire and attractions that come from rational desire.  Here’s how this disturbance operates:  First, a certain image of something illicit comes into the imagination and the soul’s sensible appetite experiences a strong attraction to that image. Then what happens to disturb the soul is that we confuse the sensible attraction we experience with a rational desire for it.   As a result of this confusion, the disturbed soul, feeling itself irresistibly drawn to this illicit object, believes that it has given its rational consent to that object, and so in fact actually does give it, with an accompanying sense of hopelessness and helplessness before what in itself was merely a temptation.

This confusion between sensible attraction and explicit rational desire is encouraged by a man’s animal appetite such that, through this very confusion, the appetite is able to secure the soul’s rational consent. Without that rational consent, our animal appetite would be unable to satisfy itself.

I believe the Enemy is the principle behind this confusion — because the Devil’s power over us is limited to our imagination and emotions and bodily reactions. The Devil has no direct power over our rational nature. But when a soul fails to understand in a practical way this distinction between the rational and the sensible orders, and likewise fails to recognize the dominion that grace gives to reason over our sensible attraction to illicit objects, despite that attraction, then the dominion of the Devil for all practical purposes is extended to the whole man, including our rational nature. Our reason now becomes enslaved to the temptations of the Devil precisely because we have confused our reason with our imagination. What this means practically is that if we are to wait for the consent of our sensible appetite and emotions to live the life of faith, we will never begin.

From this it is clear how important the rational aspect of the Faith is in dealing with disturbed souls, how they must be taught and encouraged, from the very beginning, to live in accordance with what the Faith teaches, namely that grace gives them power over their senses, however imperfect that power may be in its operation initially because of emotional impediments.  Properly instructed in the Faith, a disturbed soul that elects to live by this Faith will experience more and more his essential freedom from such disturbances, and this for two reasons. In the first place, the emotions in man tend to follow reason, so that the soul’s adherence to informed reason (enlightened by Faith) will subjugate the emotions more and more — and this is especially so because the act of turning to God’s law in the face of emotional desire contrary to that  law will inevitably win graces for the soul, thereby healing nature more and more. And in the second place, the Devil (who, we may be sure, is very much present in such cases) will realize that, by causing the soul's rational reaction to temptations, he is only helping the soul to grow in grace —  and therefore he will very soon leave such a soul in peace for his own good reasons.
Yes, I am teaching you the secret of virtuosity   
Yes, I am teaching you the secret of virtuosity at the piano. It will bring many souls to Me. Do you know what that secret is? It is so very simple, and it is the secret of success in everything you do — it is to want nothing except what I want. Then what you want is infallible — and that is the secret of virtuosity — infallible strength. Do you not see it? It is fear and anxiety that have spoiled everything you have tried to accomplish in the past. And why were you fearful and anxious? Because what you wanted, you wanted, not in Me, not in what I wanted for you, but in what you wanted in yourself, for yourself. That was why you could not trust it, and that was how you became a slave to public approval and applause — you wanted their approval to take the place of Mine. But I loved you too much to let you succeed. Besides I had made you too intelligent to be deceived that way. But now that you are all Mine, you want only what I want.  That is why it is My joy to give you everything that you want. Do you see how great My joy is in you? I want your life in Me to be a movement from joy to joy. You are most pleasing to Me when you are most joyful, then your will is one thing with Mine.

When You Are Heavy of Heart
When you are heavy of heart, you are suffering for your hypocrisy. You are convinced, then, of your goodness, of your sincere desire to love and serve Me, and you are depressed because you believe I am rejecting you, that I am not giving you what you need. True, often I do not give you what you want, because what you want, if you obtained it, would close your heart to Mine and draw you to yourself. And so, when you do not rejoice in Me you become heavy of heart — because you love and trust your goodness and wisdom more than Mine — and yet you do not trust them at all!