Posting Four
Interior Silenc 
Interior silence is the most eloquent testimony of faith, of a faith that knows it is loved, loved all the more in the very realization of its corruption, in the realization that is has nothing for which it deserves to be loved, a faith that knows that it is loved in the very manifestation of His Love which God chooses to give it at this moment, a faith that wants this and only this, that would choose nothing else, simply because it is God’s will to give it this now, a faith that has no eyes for the future because it cannot bear to take its eyes from Jesus now, in a word, a faith that receives everything from the Father, with Jesus, in Mary, because it expects everything from the Father. Do you know why interior silence is the testimony of this faith? It is because that silence is the necessary effect of this faith.
My trust in Your Mercy, Jesus
My trust in Your Mercy, Jesus, is my confidence in the will to do all the things that please you. If I do not trust my will, I do not trust Your Mercy. I can do all things in You because it is You who strengthens me.  Yet it is I who do those things, even as I am in You. Therefore my one preoccupation is to be in You, in whom alone I will do all the things that will please the Father.
Being United With Jesus on the Cross
Do you want to know what it is to be united with My Son on the Cross? It means to want to see nothing in yourself, nothing outside of Me but your sins and your misery — as My Son saw nothing but sin in Himself. That was why He cried out to Me "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?" But for Him there was not need to experience this separation from Me in order to be united with Me — He was always united with Me. But for you there is, for I have shown you how much you desire to be united with your own goodness, far more than with Mine. And now you know that it is impossible for you to see any goodness in yourself without loving yourself rather than Me, your Father. Reflecting on yourself, you see the goodness in yourself instead of in Me — your eye is no longer single.

It is by this knowledge that I have given you that I would move you now to desire one thing only, to be crucified with My Son. For now you are able to understand that you are perfectly united with Me when you are forsaken, forsaken with my Son, My Jesus. For it was when He cried out to me "Why hast Thou forsaken Me?" that He opened My Paternal Heart totally to all your misery.
When you are made aware of a serious defect  
When you are made aware of a serious defect, the danger is that you will be tempted to lose your poverty in the effort to overcome the evil by yourself.  It is true that I want you to overcome it, by the strength of your own will — that is how you are justified. Yet it is I Who strengthen your will, so that you must first come to Me and rest in My arms, acknowledging your own evil in the knowledge that I love you, dispite all your corruption, and that I will overcome this evil in you as I have overcome so many others before this.   

The Spiritual Legacy of
Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity
Excerpted from Tan Books (1950)
(with commentary added)

28.  “I love you because I gave My life for you.
     “I love you because you listen to Me, you begin to listen to Me;
you will listen to Me more and more.
     “I love you because you cannot do without Me . . .

There is so much for you to ponder in these few words, “I love you because I gave my Life for you.”  You will never exhaust the Love that hides beneath these few simple words.  Ponder them very much.  It is your conviction that I love you so much which impels you to love Me more and more.  I give you little hints, like this, of how much I love you.  I do not tell you more, because the very use of your mind in searching out my Love for you is what disposes you to receive It more and more.  Think!  You must grow in love by growing in understanding.  Therefore, when you neglect to use your mind in order to see how much I love you, you are not growing in love as I would have you grow.  Do not think of my Love as though It were some beautiful, but material gift, as though It were a present I give to you all wrapped in an attractive package.  No!  my Love, the reality of My Gift of Myself to you, is your own act of loving Me as you contemplate my Goodness, my Selflessness in giving Myself to you.

When you listen to Me, I love you, I love you more, because it is when you are listening to Me that you are actually disposed to receive the Love I am always waiting to give you.  Do you see?  There are two principles of my loving you, one in Me, the other in yourself.  When I tell you that I love you because I gave my Life for you, that is the first principle, the principle in Me, the cause of whatever you do to cooperate in my loving you. It is true that anything good in you is only an effect of my Goodness.  But nevertheless you must cooperate freely in receiving my Love.  That is the second principle. That is why I tell you here that I love you when you listen to Me.  Because when you listen to Me, you want to receive my Love — and it is then that you receive It.  It is then that the two principles are united: my desire to give Myself, and your desire to receive Me.

O Jesus, thank You for having taught me how impossible it is to do without You.  Teach this to all those I love in You, to all those You have given me to bring to You!  Then they will listen to You.  O Jesus, give them this gift, because unless You give it to them they will not be able to love You as You desire to be loved—they will not be able to be Your victim of Love!
Love one another as I have loved you.
St. Therese explains that if we are to love one another as Jesus loves us, then it must be Jesus who loves in each one of us, for otherwise we should be unable to love one another as He loves us. But there is this to consider too, that Jesus has told us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. 
And this is the connection I see, that if we are to love one another as Jesus loves us, and at the same time love one another as we love ourselves, then we must begin this love of our neighbor with the Love of Jesus by loving ourselves with the Love of Jesus.
This means that we must permit Jesus to love us first — for we can only love ourselves as He loves us by allowing Him to love us with His love — which then becomes ours because It is given to us. And only then can we love our neighbor as Jesus loves him — because we love ourselves as Jesus loves us and it is in this way that we at once love our neighbor as ourselves and love him as Jesus loves him.