Posting Nine (cont'd) 

Today I Want To Teach You Something About Your Faith  (Cont'd)
And do you not see that it is exactly that which makes you so vulnerable to temptation? Do you not see that in your rebelliousness and in your sin you have tried to hide from Me your whole life long, tried almost to deny My Existence? 
Of course when you think of it, you realize that it is impossible to hide from Me. But that does not prevent you from trying, and even from convincing yourself that I do not see you. Yes, for I am present to you in that way too, by seeing all that goes on within you. Everything that you do, every single thing that happens, not only in you but in the whole universe, falls under My Providence, and therefore all things are perfectly present to My sight. I see what happens infinitely more perfectly than eye could see — the very being of what happens proceeds from Me and depends on Me to be —  so that I see each thing in the very depth of its being.  I apprehend your every thought, your every image, your every impulse as it is hidden deep within you, so deep that it is often hidden from you yourself.
And do you think that if you realized that, you would allow yourself to think and to feel, to will and to do so many of the things you do?  And do you not see how much you allow yourself to be tempted violently because you have succeeded in convincing yourself that what you think, feel, desire and do is hidden from Me?  Only ask yourself this:  suppose you were being watched by some mere human being who was aware of what you were thinking and doing. How long would you continue?  And if it is a fact that I am aware of what you do, infinitely more perfectly, why would you persist in things you would be ashamed to have anyone else know, except that you have convinced yourself that no one knows them except yourself?
Therefore My counsel to you is that you meditate long and deep on this truth, that you cultivate the realization of My Presence within you all through the day, in little things, in little temptations. Then when you are tempted in great things you will be convinced of My Presence, you will know that I am with you. And because you were aware of My Presence in little things, trying always to please Me and not to offend Me, you will realize that I am with You in your great trials and temptations. (Very often they will not become great because your awareness of Me will give you the strength to overcome them when they are small.)  But you will overcome even great temptations because you will realize that I am within, loving you and giving you My Strength to overcome  them.  But when you convince yourself that you are alone in little things, you cannot believe in the Power of My Presence in great things. And it is only I, in you as you trust in Me, who can overcome your enemies.
And if I allow you to fall, it is only to teach you this lesson. You cannot hide from Me and overcome your enemies. That is what you have tried to do all your life. But when you hide from Me, you yourself are allied with your own enemies, a rebel like them. That is what you must change. You believe at last in My Love for you, but you still have the old habit of hiding and withdrawing from Me.  But now that you know My Mercy, you know that there is nothing for you to hide, that your very sins are your claim to My Love when you trust in Me. So now stay with Me all the time. and you will see how quick I am to protect you — because you believe not only in My Love but in My Presence. That is what lets Me do everything in you.

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