Preface to the Our Father Meditation

Servant’s Song: Singing from a heart touched by God.
That They May Be One in Me as I Am One with Thee”
When you call on My Name, beloved little children, when together you cry out to Me My sweet Name, Father, Our Father, I want you to love one another, but with the Love I have given you, My very love, the love of the Holy Spirit.  Remember, little children, those words of Jesus at the Last Supper, how He asked Me, His Father, “That they may be one in Me as I am One with Thee!”  Little children, do you realize what this means, that it was the great desire of My Jesus, the desire which was the consummation of His Holy Priesthood, and of His whole Life, that you should be one in Him as He is One with Me?
My children, you must understand that My Son did not want you to love one another with a human lovely merely, however great this might be, but with a love which is one with the very Love of God Himself, the Love of the Blessed Trinity.  That is why My John has told you that God is Love, because the act of love is to unite the persons loving one another, and We are Three Persons, therefore, Whose very Being is to be United, Each in the Other, in an intimacy of Union which is the ineffable Oneness of the Divine Being Itself. It is to this mysterious Union in Love that My Son called you when He begged Me, His Father, “That they may be one in Me as I am One with Thee.”
My beloved little children, We, Your God, are Love, and you are made for love, because you are made in Our Image and likeness, and therefore you will inevitably love.  And thus, if you do not learn to love Me in My Son, by the Holy Spirit of Our Love, you will inevitably love some creature, and that with the boundless love that belongs only to Me. Do you understand?  Do you see how all sin is a disorder of this love, a deviation of the love (which is our very nature) from its right Object?  Do you not see, have you not already realized many times how much your soul craves the intimacy of personal union?  That is the stamp of Our Love in your being, so that necessarily you will seek this intimacy – and if you fail to find it with another, you will seek it in yourself.  Alas! how many of My children, who are looking for this intimacy of love with Me, have found nothing but the horrible self-love of intimacy only with themselves – even among My chosen ones, My religious!  And this only because they have failed to understand My Son’s words, “That they may be one in Me as I am One with Thee!”
And now beg My Spirit to enlighten you, for this is a great mystery, and one essential to your happiness. For do you not see that unless you learn to be one in Us, you will necessarily try to satisfy your need for the personal intimacy of love, either by mere human love – and thus in the end you will adore your own flesh – or else you will fall in love with yourself in your effort to supply this tyrannical need of your nature – so that the god will you will be loving will be a god who is one person, made to the image and likeness of your own deformed love of yourself. O My little children, listen and understand how necessary it is for you to be united with My Son in Me!  And now beg My Spirit once again to enlighten you concerning this union, that you may truly learn what it is to be one in Us.
My little children, to be one in Us means that in Jesus you are lost, each in the other, in the very identity of One Single Nature, the Nature of the Father, My Nature, the Nature of God Himself. For My Jesus did not ask Me that each of you be singly one in Him as He is One with Me. No!  He asked that you all, together, be one in Him as He is One with Me, that your individual substances should be, so to speak, lost in Our Substance.  “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”  Do you not see that this is why He taught you to pray to Me, not “My Father,” by “Our Father?”  For it is the oneness of My children as they call on Me, their Father, which delights Me, because then they are truly one in Jesus as He is One with Me. And I would take that same delight in you are you are united with My Son as I take in Him: I would say of all My children in Jesus, “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.”  It is in this spirit, the Spirit of Our Love, loving one another with My Son in Mary, that I would hear you pray to Me, “Our Father,” and when you pray in that Spirit, the whole prayer which My Son taught you is already realized in those two words. O My children, if you could be know the tenderness of My Love! then you would understand that what I desire to see in you is the image of My Love. Do not try to force your love -- so often My children do that because they do not understand Me, and they think they will please Me by a certain human intensity of feeling.  But that is not what I want.  The love, the tenderness that I desire, is a love which comes spontaneously and unforced from the realization of how much I love you. What keeps you from loving Me as you should, is a wrong kind of misgiving about yourself, a more or less hidden preoccupation with your merits – as though you were going to buy My Love with your virtuous achievements. And then, because that is so false, I discourage it by My Spirit – and then you feel rejected because you do not understand that what I am rejecting is not yourself, but the price you would pay for My Love Which can only be had for nothing:  “All you that thirst, come to the waters: and you that have no money make haste, buy, and eat: come ye, buy wine and milk without money, and with any price. Why do you spend money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which doth not satisfy you?”

My little children, you must understand that I am a Father who gives Himself  and  in giving  Himself,  gives  everything—just as I communicate My  Being  to My  Only Begotten  Son eternally, so that  even  as He  is true  God,  He  has  nothing in Himself  but everything from Me—that is why  He is the Littlest  of the little. And so I would be a Father to you, communicating Myself totally to you in My Son. O My little children, see, then,  how necessary it is for you  to be so small  that  you are nothing in yourselves, nothing outside of Me––like My Son––so that you may receive everything from me.

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