Servant of God

   The author of these meditations  was  a 20th Century spiritual director of priests,  religious and lay people.  Despite living in chosen obsecurity, he  had a profound  effect on many lives.
Most  of these meditations were written in Rome in the late 1950's, at a time of personal spiritual trial and growth.  During that period of his life, the author became a spiritual son of Padre Pio.
Before his death in 1980, one of the priests under his directiion had  opportunity to read these meditations and asked if they might be published. His spiritual 

 father agreed to their publication after his death, but only on condition that their author remain anonymous. That priest  later imparted the meditations to the individual responsible for the present website,  who after  decades of delay now publishes them with a prayer that others might benefit from them as much as have he and his spiritual brothers and sisters.
The following is a private revelation that the author of these meditations received while he was in Rome and recorded in his journal.

Darkness and silence, the darkness and silence of the tomb, that is what I want from you now.  I will take care of everything else.  Yes, the corruption of the whole world is in your flesh -- that is how you are bringing the world back to Me -- by your silence, your silent love of Me in the knowledge of your corruption.  This is the way I have given you to glorify Me.  There is no other way for you.  Will you give yourself to Me this way?