This is why such a soul experiences excessive sadness and despair soon as signs of its own lack of integrity show up, with the consequence that it immediately feels unacceptable to God.  That’s why a sick soul is always hiding the truth from itself, the mechanism for which is endless self-justification. And why the correction of such a soul is always taken as rejection.
On Helping Souls That Are Being Tried
Do not lose your serenity on account of those who are being tried.  Pray for them; offer the sufferings of My Passion and some acts of self-denial, some self-imposed sufferings for them.”
Jesus to Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity
When souls are being tried, what they need from you is deeper love of Me—so that, through you, I may give them the grace they need.  So you see, you need your serenity even more at such times.  Do not try to buy peace for souls by losing your own!  Offer up your act of self-denial at such times, so that the soul who is suffering may get the grace to accept in joy what she cannot change—through your free offering of love.  You will see more and more how you are all instruments in the communication of My Love, for one another as for yourselves.  The more you will understand that, the more you will love one another.
On Feeling Unloved
Only the realization that I love you now, I, Jesus, who know all your misery, all your sins, the failure of your whole life, only the knowledge that I Who know how underserving you are of anyone‘s love, yet love you nevertheless with the Love of God Himself, can take away the pain and anxiety of feeling unloved by so many persons, and not undeservedly.
 The Age of St. Bernard’s is not like Ours.
St. Bernard, commenting on the Canticle (Song of Songs)

"Or perhaps, drawn away and seduced by his own concupiscence, he is still being dangerously tempted. Such a soul as this does not need a Bridegroom but a Physician, and for this reason receives, not kisses or caresses, surely, but only remedies for wounds in oil and ointments."

Yes, Bernard, in your time this was true — for the time had not yet come to force men willy-nilly from the highways and byways to the wedding feast. Men were still strong and able to overcome concupiscence with a help of the Physician less than the Kiss of His Mouth, less than the embrace of His intimacy. But now we are as children, impatient as we are weak, and needing, therefore, to be fondled and kissed by the Mother and her spouse, by Mary and Jesus.  0 Bernard, those of your age, who could help yourselves, needed the Physician only to supply the ointments of which you speak. But we need the Kiss of this Bridegroom who condescends to the weakness of little ones, like this little one who is too weak to help himself and therefore cries out:
"Let him kiss me with the kiss of his mouth, for thy breasts are better than wine.  For my justification now is not that I am healed by the ointments of the Physician, but that I am in the arms of His Mother, that it is her purity that makes me worthy of His embrace, not my virtue."
If Something Is Painful
It seems I always assume that if something is painful, it is evil and to be avoided. Then, when I am suffering, I begin to think, and I do not rest until I have discovered some truth which I hope will remove the pain. But I do not think I do this only because I want to avoid suffering: it is rather that I look upon suffering as a sign that I am wrong somehow, that God is displeased with me, and therefore something in me must be changed.

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The Root of Anxiety
The chief enemy of My children who are trying to do My will is their anxiety. It is when souls get anxious and disturbed that the Enemy can do them real harm, and even draw them into serious sin. And therefore it is very necessary for souls to understand themselves in this matter, and to correct the misconceptions which dispose them to this anxiety. This anxiety is a kind of acute fear, a fear that they will not be taken care of — and thus, clearly, it is rooted in a deep mistrust of My Providence, a fear that I will fail to provide what is necessary to do My Will. This is the sinful aspect of anxiety, but I am not concerned with that here. The souls to whom I am speaking do not offend Me seriously by their anxiety, because it is not their desire to depend on themselves instead of on Me: they would want to depend on Me, but because of their ignorance they do not know what to do, and so they fail.
And so for these souls, the pain of their anxiety is My Voice calling them to Myself, to come over to Me so that I might instruct them. This is what they must understand, that the root of their anxieties lies in a hidden trust in their own strength and understanding. And the truth is that they do in fact have every reason to be anxious when they would trust themselves in this way. The secret of being freed of anxieties, therefore, is to have no trust in yourself outside of Me. And this means you must provide for the future only by delighting in the present. At each moment I provide, that is, the Father provides through Me, exactly what you need at that moment, in our embrace of ineffable Love. And it is in this loving confidence and gratitude towards the Father in Me, it is in your happiness and contentedness with what We have given you, that you know what to do in the next moment. You know what to do in the next moment because you are lovingly docile to Our Love in this moment. And you are docile in the present moment because you believe in the Father's Providence.
Why do you so believe? Because you understand that the motive of Our Love is solely Our Own Goodness, and not your merit. That is why so many of you mistrust the Father, and are filled, consequently, with such great anxieties - because you do not understand that the Father is Good to you only because He is Good, not because you are good. And when you realize, by the Spirit of the Father, My Spirit, the Spirit of Truth who is in you, that you are not good in yourself, what  is more natural than that you should be filled with anxiety, when you would trust yourself for what is necessary to please the Father.
For this reason, too, it is necessary for you to understand My Mother. Because she is your justification with Me. She is the One I love for herself, because She alone is all pure in herself, and I can only love what is pure. But I love all of her children only because I love her Purity in them. She is My Immaculate Conception. She is not only pure in herself, but she is a certain principle by whom all the Elect are made pure and acceptable to Me.
The little anxieties which come with each moment are the Voice of my Beloved calling me to Himself, away from myself.

   On Understanding and Fortitude
The fortitude which is the gift of the Holy Spirit must be motivated by that understanding which is the gift of that same Spirit. And it is this fortitude which brings the peace and quiet necessary to this understanding. My ideas, my understnding, Jesus, take me away from You into myself, out of eternity into time, away from Your Loving Providence into my anxieties.

For me to do everything you want, Jesus, only one thing is necessary: to allow You to do everything. That is how everything should be done and can be done, by our doing it together. Going to You does not interfere with the work You would have me do. How could it? Going to You only makes it possible for me to do Your work. What is removed is not my work, but my anxiety.

   Three KInds of Souls
There are three kinds of souls, those who seek good outside of Me in order to please themselves, those who seek good outside of Me in order, as they think, to please the Father, and those who seek only Me in My Mother in order to please the Father. The first are those who are walking to their destruction, the last are My beloved children, the saints. Those between are souls more or less enslaved by their ignorance, their
fear and their pride.
 If, then, you know that you belong neither with the first nor with the last, then beg Me to teach you the lesson of My Love, and use your mind to understand and to meditate day and night on this simple truth which is your consolation, that I alone am pleasing to the Father because I came out of Him, and nothing that is not in Me, therefore, can be pleasing to Him, and so, when you give way to anxiety, striving by yourself to make yourself pleasing to the Father, you are struggling in vain, you are living a lie, and you are thereby opening your soul to Satan, the father of lies, who will use this opportunity to drag you into sin, sin which I permit only to prove to you the vanity and stupidity of seeking to please the Father outside of Me.
You must learn, therefore, to understand and to interpret your anxiety correctly. It means only one thing —  it is My Voice calling you, "Come over to Me, all ye who are burdened, and be comforted."  Come over to Me all you who seek the Father, but who, in your ignorance, seek Him outside of Me, where you can never find Him, and where you are in danger of losing both Him and Me for all eternity.    

Be Careful About Correcting Others 
When you give correction to someone who has injured you in some way, never give it from yourself.  When you do that you are using the person you are correcting as an instrument to confirm yourself in the lie that you are an innocent victim of some injustice by that person.  But just like yourself, a person who has done something wrong needs to feel loved and accepted before he can face his own evil and accept criticism.  Remember, most probably he already feels that the way he is that he has doe  is already too much even for God, and then, when you communicate your personal injury in the act of correcting him (especially if you are a superior in some way), it affects him as confirming his worst suspicions about himself. Also, it tempts God in your regard, because you are acting like the unjust debtor in the parable who begs forgiveness for himself but then in turn will not forgive.
Therefore, always turn to Jesus and Mary before criticizing anyone, so that, united in Their Spirit, what you communicate will be a loving acceptance of the person criticized — by which he will feel God’s Love and will realize (even if he could not put it into words) that Jesus, in you, wants him to be perfect so that He can love him more, so that He can give Himself to him more.
My Grace is Sufficient for You
The strength you have to do My Will is the strength I give you as you turn to Me now, at this very undivided moment.  The strength you have in yourself, the strength that is the object of your reflection, is not enough — only the strength I give you now is sufficient, as you turn to Me in the present moment that knows neither before nor after. When Paul cried out to Me in his temptation, it was because he knew that he did not have the strength in himself to resist it, outside of Me. But he was not outside of Me. And therefore My answer was not "You are able to resist this temptationbut "My grace is sufficient for you," that is to say, your sufficiency is totally in Me, in what I can do in you as you permit Me to do it, not in what you can do alone.
And here you can understand the true meaning of what is so frequently said, that you can overcome temptation with the help of My grace. It does not mean that I give you the grace and that then, after that, with the help of the grace I have given you, you can overcome temptation. No!  It means that you can overcome temptation only as My grace is actually moving you now to overcome it. That is why I said "My grace is sufficient for you." Not that My grace works without the cooperation of your free will, but because the very cooperation of your free will is the effect of My grace: You cooperate freely as I move you to cooperate. And this, too, is the living reality of true poverty of spirit.
The purpose of the temptations I permit is to teach you that your strength is not in yourself, and therefore, to the extent that you would trust your own strength, you feel overcome by the temptation.  And if you do not keep turned to Me from one moment to the next at such times, you will in fact be overcome by it.
For this reason, too, you must not reflect on yourself at such times — when you do that, you are seeking to find the source of your strength in yourself, and your power to resist is therefore gone. No! At such times particularly, you must go from one moment to the next trusting in Me.  If you fear that you may have given some consent, where can you go if not to Me? And if you fear to come to Me because you may have consented somewhat, where is your confidence?  In Me? Or in yourself.

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