This is why such a soul experiences excessive sadness and despair soon as signs of its own lack of integrity show up, with the consequence that it immediately feels unacceptable to God.  That’s why a sick soul is always hiding the truth from itself, the mechanism for which is endless self-justification. And why the correction of such a soul is always taken as rejection.
On Helping Souls That Are Being Tried
Do not lose your serenity on account of those who are being tried.  Pray for them; offer the sufferings of My Passion and some acts of self-denial, some self-imposed sufferings for them.”
Jesus to Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity
When souls are being tried, what they need from you is deeper love of Me—so that, through you, I may give them the grace they need.  So you see, you need your serenity even more at such times.  Do not try to buy peace for souls by losing your own!  Offer up your act of self-denial at such times, so that the soul who is suffering may get the grace to accept in joy what she cannot change—through your free offering of love.  You will see more and more how you are all instruments in the communication of My Love, for one another as for yourselves.  The more you will understand that, the more you will love one another.
On Feeling Unloved
Only the realization that I love you now, I, Jesus, who know all your misery, all your sins, the failure of your whole life, only the knowledge that I Who know how underserving you are of anyone‘s love, yet love you nevertheless with the Love of God Himself, can take away the pain and anxiety of feeling unloved by so many persons, and not undeservedly.
 The Age of St. Bernard’s is not like Ours.
St. Bernard, commenting on the Canticle (Song of Songs)

"Or perhaps, drawn away and seduced by his own concupiscence, he is still being dangerously tempted. Such a soul as this does not need a Bridegroom but a Physician, and for this reason receives, not kisses or caresses, surely, but only remedies for wounds in oil and ointments."

Yes, Bernard, in your time this was true — for the time had not yet come to force men willy-nilly from the highways and byways to the wedding feast. Men were still strong and able to overcome concupiscence with a help of the Physician less than the Kiss of His Mouth, less than the embrace of His intimacy. But now we are as children, impatient as we are weak, and needing, therefore, to be fondled and kissed by the Mother and her spouse, by Mary and Jesus.  0 Bernard, those of your age, who could help yourselves, needed the Physician only to supply the ointments of which you speak. But we need the Kiss of this Bridegroom who condescends to the weakness of little ones, like this little one who is too weak to help himself and therefore cries out:
"Let him kiss me with the kiss of his mouth, for thy breasts are better than wine.  For my justification now is not that I am healed by the ointments of the Physician, but that I am in the arms of His Mother, that it is her purity that makes me worthy of His embrace, not my virtue."
If Something Is Painful
It seems I always assume that if something is painful, it is evil and to be avoided. Then, when I am suffering, I begin to think, and I do not rest until I have discovered some truth which I hope will remove the pain. But I do not think I do this only because I want to avoid suffering: it is rather that I look upon suffering as a sign that I am wrong somehow, that God is displeased with me, and therefore something in me must be changed.

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Posting 39 
Ah! If you knew how much I desire to see Myself in you!

My beloved little child, do not try to give Me
anything — only let Me love you! Do not try to buy  My Love with your works, your thoughts — only let Me love you!

Ah! if you knew how much I desire to see
Myself in you! That is how you will be consumed by  My Love, when you will let Me tell you how much I  love you, how much I see Myself in you, how much I would want to rejoice in you.
Yes, your heart will be dilated when you truly believe that I am pleased with you. Nothing else will fill you with My Love.

But you yourself will never believe
that I am pleased with you if you look for the reason in what you have done or accomplished on your own.
And therefore you must let Me show My Love as a doting mother fondles her baby — that is how I desire to love you.
Only come to me, with nothing, and let Me overwhelm you and fill you with My Love.


You must look at souls as little babies.
Mothers do  not demand anything from their babies —  their one desire is to do everything for them —  so you must be with the souls you meet —  ask nothing of them, but do everything for them, in Me and for Me.  

You keep looking into yourself to see if you have what you need to please Me
now happy because you think you have it, now sad because you think you don’t. But you do not understand Me — only what is from Me can please Me. Therefore stop looking at yourself, and look at Me. As soon as you do that, I am pleased.


I am the thought of the Father,
and just as the Holy Spirit of Love proceeds from the Father through Me, so it is that in your actual thought of the Father's Goodness, in Me, your love arises to the Father, moved by that same Spirit.


0 My beloved little child! if only you knew the
power of your contentedness,
especially when your  little heart is breaking with sorrow!  If you could  see the graces that I pour into your soul then!  If  you could see the souls you bring to Me then —  because you trust in the Love which they have rejected.

My beloved little child, give Me at each moment the  contentedness of your broken heart in Mine! That is  your unceasing act of love, that is the way I want  you always, your little head on My breast.


As soon as you give up your act of love, you are
drawn into yourself —  
your concupiscence begins to assert itself, your fear begins to dominate you, and
you would want to trust your own reason
instead of Me.
And now you can see that there is hardly a choice  left to you anymore —  I have illuminated your understanding to the point where, if you did not stay with Me in your unceasing act of love, you would abandon yourself to sin. It is as though you were walking along the edge of a steep precipice,
holding My Hand.
If you were to let go of It, you would inevitably
fall, but I will never let you go —  
because you are Mine.


Yes, your imagination needs to be mortified very much.
But do you understand how? Your imagination is moved by your appetite, your desires. And, without realizing it, you identify My loving you with a certain kind of sensible pleasure. It is not so much that you are dominated in this by your concupiscence —  but you are very much
subject to fear, the fear of being rejected by Me
because of your sins. And so you seek to be reassured by a kind of sensible pleasure that you take in My company. And I, just because I love you so much, frequently withdraw Myself sensibly, so that you may learn how to be united with Me, not sensibly, but in the living reality of faith, knowing
that I am with you and loving you because I have told you that I am with you always.
But because you do not live by faith, you are moved to seek sensible pleasure in My Love, thus falsely concluding that there is something wrong when you do not feel My Love.  And this is how your imagination is stirred up by the desire to seek proof of My Love in the pleasures you would take in Me. And when your imagination is frustrated in this, in its search for pleasure in Me, it begins to seek it, unconsciously, in creatures.
And this is the beginning of grave sin, which I
sometimes permit in order to teach you this lesson.
But what is the remedy for this sickness? It is very  simple: you must live by faith, and in this way:  you must not only believe in My Love for you in a  general way, but you must believe in My Love for you as I manifest It at each moment.
This means that  you must discipline yourself to want, at each moment, only what My Love brings to you at that moment.
This is infallible, that My Love efficaciously gives
you exactly what you need at each moment —  that  is My Kiss of Love for you, and it is in receiving it that you will be perfectly happy. But in order to receive It you must stop making what pleases you the measure — because the necessary effect of My Love is to conform you to Myself as It disconforms you to yourself.
Then, as you quietly trust in My Love, receiving My embrace in the darkness, you will feel rising within yourself a new kind of pleasure, which will keep growing greater until it dominates your whole life, a pleasure not in yourself and in what conforms to you, but pleasure only in Me,
in what My Love gives you now.  

The more you live nurtured only by the love that  I communicate to you in this moment, the more  perfectly and peacefully are you able to suffer what  I send you, in Me and with Me and by Me.
Do you not see? It is when your peace depends on things instead of Me — your feelings, the esteem of others, their approval and love, your health, your opinion of yourself —  whatever it may be —  that you become limited in your capacity to suffer, limited in the very measure of that attachment. Because, naturally, the more acute suffering touches your more profound attachment, and the very suffering I send you, therefore, out of Love you, is calculated to destroy the secret support which you find in that attachment, and on which your false peace depends. And so it is that when your only support is Myself, there is nothing you cannot suffer for Me.
Do you see now? Your suffering for Me is really nothing more than receiving My Love — and so, in the measure that you love things outside of Me, you are not open to My Love. And therefore, in that measure, you are unable to suffer for Me.


I love you always, but the form and expression of My Love changes from moment to moment, according to the actual need of your soul. And so I want you to cultivate especially that docility which alone knows how to take the measure of joy from the measure of My Gift — now. So many souls, ignorant of this, try unconsciously, and this in the name of piety,
to bind My Will in the chains of their own providence and judgement, who, instead of letting themselves be measured by My Will, would measure My Will by their own.

Do you understand this, My child? I want you to rejoice, to renew your joy at each moment, with each new gift that I give you. But in order to expedience this joy, you must be emptied of the desire for any good except My Will for you at this moment. It is not enough, therefore, merely to accept, to endure, what I send you — you must seek to rejoice in it, to rejoice only
in what Mly Loving Wisdom gives you at this moment. And the more painful it is, the greater your joy will be, because the very pain is testimony that your joy in Me, is unalloyed with any joy outside of Me .

In the end, your joy will be in what­ ever I send, indifferently, whether it brings you suffering or pleasure. But now the suffering is especially necessary for you. Have I not shown you, again and again, by your own experience, that when
I give you what conforms to yourself, when I give you pleasures connatural to yourself, you are drawn to those pleasures away from Me, and so I cannot give Myself to you all because you do not want Me all?
Do you see, My beloved little child, why it is that My Saints have all desired suffering? because to desire My Love, in the full measure which I would give to you, is to desire your own annihilation. Yes, to love is  to desire to be destroyed, so that your being may be only in your Beloved.


Yes, you think constantly of things you would need  in order to be happy
but the truth is that you need nothing except what you have. That is the effect of My Love, of My Loving Providence, to provide you with each thing you need at each moment. No, the one thing you need is to be contented more with what I provide — the one thing that is lacking in you is faith in My Love for you.

My beloved, now you are beginning to understand.
For so long you thought you needed things you did not have in order to be happy. But now I have taught you that to be perfectly happy you need only to love Me with what you have. No, it was not your moral defects that prevented you from loving Me — it was your false notion that I was demanding something of you which you did not have, something I had not given you.