This is why such a soul experiences excessive sadness and despair soon as signs of its own lack of integrity show up, with the consequence that it immediately feels unacceptable to God.  That’s why a sick soul is always hiding the truth from itself, the mechanism for which is endless self-justification. And why the correction of such a soul is always taken as rejection.
On Helping Souls That Are Being Tried
Do not lose your serenity on account of those who are being tried.  Pray for them; offer the sufferings of My Passion and some acts of self-denial, some self-imposed sufferings for them.”
Jesus to Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity
When souls are being tried, what they need from you is deeper love of Me—so that, through you, I may give them the grace they need.  So you see, you need your serenity even more at such times.  Do not try to buy peace for souls by losing your own!  Offer up your act of self-denial at such times, so that the soul who is suffering may get the grace to accept in joy what she cannot change—through your free offering of love.  You will see more and more how you are all instruments in the communication of My Love, for one another as for yourselves.  The more you will understand that, the more you will love one another.
On Feeling Unloved
Only the realization that I love you now, I, Jesus, who know all your misery, all your sins, the failure of your whole life, only the knowledge that I Who know how underserving you are of anyone‘s love, yet love you nevertheless with the Love of God Himself, can take away the pain and anxiety of feeling unloved by so many persons, and not undeservedly.
 The Age of St. Bernard’s is not like Ours.
St. Bernard, commenting on the Canticle (Song of Songs)

"Or perhaps, drawn away and seduced by his own concupiscence, he is still being dangerously tempted. Such a soul as this does not need a Bridegroom but a Physician, and for this reason receives, not kisses or caresses, surely, but only remedies for wounds in oil and ointments."

Yes, Bernard, in your time this was true — for the time had not yet come to force men willy-nilly from the highways and byways to the wedding feast. Men were still strong and able to overcome concupiscence with a help of the Physician less than the Kiss of His Mouth, less than the embrace of His intimacy. But now we are as children, impatient as we are weak, and needing, therefore, to be fondled and kissed by the Mother and her spouse, by Mary and Jesus.  0 Bernard, those of your age, who could help yourselves, needed the Physician only to supply the ointments of which you speak. But we need the Kiss of this Bridegroom who condescends to the weakness of little ones, like this little one who is too weak to help himself and therefore cries out:
"Let him kiss me with the kiss of his mouth, for thy breasts are better than wine.  For my justification now is not that I am healed by the ointments of the Physician, but that I am in the arms of His Mother, that it is her purity that makes me worthy of His embrace, not my virtue."
If Something Is Painful
It seems I always assume that if something is painful, it is evil and to be avoided. Then, when I am suffering, I begin to think, and I do not rest until I have discovered some truth which I hope will remove the pain. But I do not think I do this only because I want to avoid suffering: it is rather that I look upon suffering as a sign that I am wrong somehow, that God is displeased with me, and therefore something in me must be changed.

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Whenever you find yourself preoccupied with what others think of you,
you may be sure that you are seeking your peace in a lie - and if this is your habitual preoccupation, you may take it as a very sure sign that your soul is very sick, if it is not actually dead, and that you are in grave danger of losing it for all eternity.
Sooner or later the truth will catch up with you, and even now the Spirit of Truth is seeking to unmake the lies in which you would find your peace. Do not wait until the moment of your death to face what you are. It is a terrible sin of presumption to think that at that moment you will face the truth and trust in the Merciful Love of God, when you have spent your whole life running away from the truth.
And unless you love the truth, unless you turn to Jesus, Who is the Truth, in the knowledge
of your own corruption, you will not save your soul. It is prudent to assume that you will die as you have lived. And if, therefore, your life has been a flight from truth, you will die fleeing from it. And Jesus is the Truth, in Whom alone there is salvation. If you despise the world, hate its false testimony,
and listen to the Spirit of Truth within you before it is too late. There is nothing to fear in the Truth. The Truth is Jesus, and He is your Friend Who will give you everything you need, Neither do you have to fear your own weaknesses and vices. Jesus came to save sinners, to save what was lost. There is only one thing to fear, your lies, and your hypocrisy, by which you would convince yourself of your innocence. Hell is the eternal abode of the 'innocent*, the liars and hypocrites who refused to be saved because they had convinced themselves of their own goodness - or if they could not quite succeed in that, it was, nevertheless, their purpose.  

The Jews were convinced that they were
seeking the Truth 
and they blamed Jesus for not speaking more plainly — as though it was His fault that they did not know the truth. They thought: "If He is the Messiah, why does He not tell us that we may know and be saved?"
But the truth was that they did not want to know, and that was why they did not recognize Jesus.  If He had not spoken more plainly, it was that their culpability might be less — for Jesus knew what was in their hearts.
But now, when they exhort Him to speak plainly, He does. And what does He say? He speaks the simple truth, "I  and the Father are one," And the Jews pick up stones to stone Him. That was how much they wanted to know the truth.
    Do you think that was true of the Jews but not of you? As you read this, do you, in the spirit of meekness, ask whether you too think in your heart that you want to know the Messiah, but that when He declares Himself openly to you, you pick up stones to stone Him —  as the Jews did?
Or do you think this was written to make you feel justified in yourself because you, unlike them, have not denied Christ?
Then listen to His words, "Not all who say ‘Lord, Lord,'...but those who hear the word of God and keep it."
And are you, then, sure that you keep it just because you say “Lord, Lord”?
   If that is so, how are you different from the very Pharisees that picked up the stones to stone Him? For they too kept the letter. Do you not see that it is precisely those who keep the letter who pick up the stones to stone Him when He shows them Who Ho is?

And so now ask yourself if it is not possible that it is you who pick up stones to cast at Jesus when He shows you Who He is.  For He has declared it openly to you that He and the Father are One. Ha has told you that He is God, a God Who has come to save what was lost. And He shows you in so many ways how lost you are.
But what do you do when He shows you that? Do you open your heart to Him?
Do you come to Him like the leper saying "Lord, if thou wilt thou canst make me clean."
No, but like the Pharisees who picked up stones to stone Him, and finally crucified Him, you lie in your heart, denying the teaching of the Truth, of Jesus, because you do not truly know Him, because you are not His sheep.
And then you would stone Him, not with the stones you can see and touch, but with your stony heart — symbolized by the stones the Jews picked up.
In your hardness you make a liar out of Jesus Who came to save what was lost, refusing to acknowledge that you are lost.
And so, when He would manifest Himself clearly, when He would show you the Power of His Divinity as He invited you to let Him raise you from the dead, you deny your own death.
And since it is Life Who is teaching you that you are dead in yourself, what is more natural, since you deny your own death, than for you to crucify the Truth Who is the Living Testimony
of the death you would deny?
 I desire you to be pure with the Purity of My Son          so that I may love you as I love Him. Do you know inwhat that purity consists? In receiving everything from Me.
But you do not realize what this means?  You
see it as a general idea, but you do not understand what it means to live it.
You live in time, and each moment is different from the preceding one. And then, because you are the slave of your own ideas, you come to Me with the disposition to receive everything from Me — which is very good, but then, in the very next moment you are united, not with We, but with your idea
of being united with Me.  Without realizing it, you
have withdrawn into yourself, taking with you what I
gave you in that one moment — so that your heart is
actually closed to Me in the next moment.
That is your impurity, your desire to take your delight, not in Me, not in the living reality of what I communicate to you each moment, but in what you have in yourself, in what you have taken from Me.

Pray, therefore, for the disposition mto receive everything from Me even as My Son has told you that He has received everything from the Father. And be on your guard against withdrawing from Us into your­ self.

There is a very great difference between the
mere disposition to be united with Me, with Me in My
Son, and the actual reality of this union. So much
of the time, you are the victim of your illusion that
you are united with Me, thinking you are because you have a general disposition to be so united. That is how all your trouble starts — I allow you to experience the consequences of your illusion in order to bring you back to the Truth, to My Son, to Myself.
"I can and will succour him who wishes to be succoured by Me." (The Father to St. Catherine of Siena)
How frequently souls disbelieve in this necessary truth!
If they would only look to see the malice that lies
behind this disbeliefl  Do you see what it is?
They would rather disbelieve in My Goodness than to disbelieve in their own goodness. 
 And so, when their prayers are not answered
in the way they would have them answered, they measure what I have done by their own understanding.  And instead of realizing that I have answered their prayer and
have given them just what they needed (if they did, they would soon understand how much they needed just what I gave them) they conclude that I have not helped them when they asked for My help.
And then, it is true, I cannot help them further — but only because they do not believe in My Love, in what I am giving each moment.
That is their impurity!

When you are dead you will finally listen to the truth,
you will finally be quiet, with no excuses, no justifications of yourself. That will come sooner than you think, but then you will no longer be able to do
anything about it. Then the lies in which you now
seek your peace will be your condemnation.

Why, then, will you not be quiet and listen while My Love for you speaks the Truth in your heart? There is nothing to fear in Me. The Truth is your Friend. What you should fear, and never do, are your lies, the lies
which pave the road to your damnation, the lies which keep you from asking for the help you so sorely need — because they have convinced you that I do not want you, and that you do not want Me.
I can bear as much as God wants me to bear. Do you
know how much that is? It is as much as He gives me.


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